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Access Blocked Websites Explained In Less Than 600 Words

By March 25, 2019 No Comments

How many times have you felt completely annoyed and irritated when you find out that your favorite website is blocked?

We can completely understand that this feels absolutely disappointing. You can spend all your time anticipating about all the fun you will have with your favorite website only to find out that the website is blocked in your region.

Often times, many governments block certain websites in the country. They don’t want their general public to have access to them. In most countries, this is done to keep the public from getting awareness on how the world is functioning. The governments want their public to stay submissive, unaware, and uneducated. They force these kinds of laws so that the public on using those websites. This is done in most of the countries. Different countries block different websites for different reasons. These reasons are very subjective. But some countries do this solely because they do not want their public to become aware. They want the public to stay as they are and they do not want them to grow and gain knowledge. Many websites that provide news and information are also blocked by the governments. If you ever find yourself in such a country where the website that you are trying to access is blocked, then feel free to use a VPN. It will help you in getting access to that website easily.

Another disappointing moment is when you find a new job and it is perfect for you, it is like your dream job. You reach your destination and it is the first day at the office. You get a little free time and just when you are about to have fun on your website, you find out that it has been blocked by the company. This happens in many academic institutions and many business organizations where they ban certain websites. Most of these websites are social media websites and recreational websites. The main purpose behind the blocking of these websites is that these websites distract their employers or students. It can become a hindrance in the productivity at the workplace. So, they block it.

One of the easiest ways through which you can access blocked websites is by using a VPN. Virtual Private Network or VPN is mostly used to secure your online presence. It helps you maintain your privacy while you are surfing online. It saves you from all the dangers online. One of the biggest advantages of using VPN is that it helps you access blocked websites as well. You can use the best VPN for this. What a VPN will do is that it will change your IP address and your ISP won’t be able to guess it. Your IP address will be of a place far from our geographic region, which means that you will be able to access the blocked site. With the help of enabled VPN, you can use any website you like.

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