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Stay Un-tracked & Safe By Using A VPN

By March 25, 2019 No Comments

Did you know that you can be easily tracked if you are using the internet?

A lot of people do not realize the dangers that are associated with the frequent use of the internet. People use the internet freely and openly without even knowing that they are being watched and monitored. This can be quite alarming to you if you were previously unaware of this fact. More and more people are raising concerns about their safety on the internet. Recently, the United States made it legal for the ISP to sell the public information without their consent. This has raised many eyebrows lately. Even the incognito mode or ad blockers cannot save you from this. ISP can still track you and gain your personal information. While it is a quite disturbing situation, it does not mean that the only solution to this is to stop using the internet. We know you can’t live without it. That is why a simple solution to this problem is using a VPN.

What is VPN?

The virtual private network (VPN) is an excellent way of keeping yourself safe and untracked on the internet. It is a barrier between you and your internet service provider. You are given an IP address different than your own and that saves you from being tracked. VPN manipulates your IP address. The IP address that the VPN provides you have zero connections with you. It does not in any way associated with you and hence you remain untracked on the internet. Your online presence is safe from the sneaking of ISP. By using a VPN, ISP will only get scrambled letters and numbers instead of your browsing activity or your personal details.


Using a VPN is the best idea to secure yourself from the dangers of the internet. But every good thing has a price. Do not be fooled by the free VPNs. Free VPNs are not very effective. They do not have the ability to provide high-quality security and privacy. It is always a good idea to invest in VPN. Most of them are available for affordable monthly rates. They are not very expensive or heavy in the pocket.

Dangers of Online Tracking

Not many people realize the huge amount of dangers that come with online tracking. These days, we upload all our data on the internet. We talk and share messages with our friends on the internet. We make phone calls and video calls with the help of the internet that can be easily tracked. Your communication with your family or co-workers can be easily traced and all your private data can be occupied. The Internet is not a safe place. ISP can get access to all of your private data. They know each and every detail that you put on the internet. They can trace your location, your gender, your language, your school, your property size, your home value, your income and net worth, your ethnicity, and what not. This information is then sold to Facebook advertisers, private agencies, and other institutions. Each and every activity can be stalked which means that you are not safe.

The only way you can protect yourself from such stalking is by using a VPN. It will protect your online presence and you will be able to enjoy the internet without having to worry about someone invading your privacy.

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